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Solid CAD software

GstarCAD is a highly-functional alternative to AutoCAD that makes an admirable attempt to take on a well-established and prohibitively expensive competitor.

GstarCAD works in much the same way as other computer assisted drawing software - as well as providing many of the same tools and features, it also supports a large variety of file formats. As well as the standard .DWG and .DXF, GstarCAD allows you to use more than 10 other formats in your work.

Even though it's not a very original approach, it does mean that anyone who has worked or trained on the original should have no problem using GstarCAD. Pair that with the program's good help and online tutorials, and it really does become a viable alternative. If you're looking for a similar program, we recommend you to consider ActCAD.

GstarCAD is a very solid alternative to other, more famous computer assisted drawing programs.

More stable and faster, GstarCAD 2016 is an optimized CAD platform to save countless hours of design and rework.

More stable and faster, GstarCAD 2016 is an optimized CAD platform aimed to save countless hours of design through enhanced features and performance.

Powerful Performance

1. Common operations performance optimization

2. Layout space switching performance optimization.

3. Objects visualization optimization: more accurately snap points over objects.

Implementation & New Additions

1. Full DGN files support.

2. SOLIDEDIT command supports related 3D solid editing options.

3. Distance from Endpoint and Divide Segments added to Object Snap Options.

Ease of Use

1. New visuals in Dynamic Input: command line integration.

2. Polyline objects support multifunctional options.

3. Invert Fillet added.

Features integrated in GstarCAD 2016 SP1

1. Export EMF format

2. Three new barcode systems 128A, 128B, 128C

3. Table display compatibility


5. Clean extra Annotative Scales

6. Plot Order added to Batch Print in Express Tools, and more optimization for you to explore

Optimization in GstarCAD 2016 SP2

1. PUBLISH and PLOT support to export DWFX format

2. CUI support to customize mouse buttons

3. Improve the ARCTEXT compatibility with AUTOCAD

4. Solved some invalid shortcut keys of EATTEXT dialog box

5. Optimize GRX/.NET/VBA/LISP compatibility

6. Other bug fixes.

Know more please visit gstarcad official website.


  • Wide selection of tools
  • Totally compatible with AutoCAD
  • LISP and VBA supported


  • Old-fashioned appearance


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GstarCAD (32-Bit)


GstarCAD (32-Bit) sp2 for PC


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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It works well. I like it. And GstarCAD is compatible with AutoCAD. .
    At first I had doubts about this software. It turns out GstaMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    easy to use, compatible with the major cad software.
    it is well design for me, i think it is easy to use, and it's compatible witMore

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